Our Story

-Grow Glamourously-

In 2012, 2 girls met during their 1st pole dance class. 

We laughed, invested our time, and went crazy 

We were not necessarily the most flexible or the strongest, but we enjoyed the process of growth.

Later on, with different reasons we stopped pole dancing, 

feeling the physical and mental changes. We understood that no matter how busy work life is, we needed to regain our interest and slow down the pace. Only through exercise, becoming a driving force, we can effectively adjust our body and mind.

As of September 2018, we established Glam Diamond Studio. With the name ‘Glam Diamond Studio’ we believe everyone has the opportunity to shine like diamonds. As long as there is a craftsmen carving and tempering along the way, then can we radiate a unique light and meet a better self.










2018年9月,我們成立了Glam Diamond Studio。這個名字只因我們相信,每個人都有機會成為鑽石般閃亮耀眼。只要沿途有工匠雕琢錘煉,就會散發獨一無二的光芒, 遇見更美好的自己。

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