Athena discovered a passion towards aerial arts activities over the past few years. Pole dancing gave her strength and flexibility. She had a great interest towards yoga after her first class in 2014. It brought a remarkable change in her life. She found inner peace and had less body pain. She has now become a more confident person and is thankful to her life. 

She continuous to study different areas of yoga such as kids yoga and yoga wheel. She specialises in aerial yoga and strongly develops the aerial skills by combining music, dance and yoga together. 

Athena對空中藝術十分著迷,練習鋼管舞後令她變得既柔軟又強壯。她2014年開始第一堂瑜伽後,讓她重申認識自己,無論身心都有莫大轉變,令她變得更有自信 ,對生命更感恩。



* 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Certificate 

(Anahata Yoga)

* 30 Hours Flying Yoga Teacher Foundation Certificate 

(Yoga Fitness HK)

* 20 Hours Flying Flow Teacher Training Certificate

(Yoga Fitness HK)

* 15 Hours Yoga Wheel Teacher Training Certificate

(Darren Chen)

* 100 Hours Kids Yoga Teacher Training Certificate

(Anahata Yoga)


1) Aerial 1 (Basic)

2) Aerial 2 (Intermediate)

3) Aerial 3 (Advance)

3) Yoga Wheel

4) Hatha Yoga

5) Vinyasa Flow

5) Relax Stretch

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