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Glam Diamond Studio aims to discover your passion towards aerial art and yoga. With small groups of classes, they'll keep you focused on your body, share their best exercising techniques, and lead you to a balanced and healthy lifestyle. We strongly believe that long commitment can lead to both physical and mental transformations. All classes are taught by highly experienced instructors. We specialise in Aerial Dance, Aerial Flow, Aerial Hoop, Aerial Drop, Yoga and Stretching. 

Our studio is located in San Po Kong, Kowloon. It is just a 5 minutes walk away from Diamond Hill MTR Station (Exit A2). It is around 1000 square ft. and 10 ft. height ceiling. Big windows allowing the sun to shine through and a beautiful park is located nearby. We hope to build a cozy environment that you would like to stay. 

Glam Diamond Studio 致力發掘你對空中藝術及瑜伽的興趣。設立小班教學,令你專注身體變化,學習運動技巧,從而幫助你建立平衡及健康的生活。我們深信持之以恆做運動,能夠身心靈昇華。所有課堂均由專業導師指導,專業包括空中舞蹈、空中串連、空中呼拉圈、空中下墜、瑜伽及伸展。


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